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Mars Comes Near

Mars Comes Near

50 Minutes / Older Children and Adults

This summer, the “red planet” Mars shines as an almost alarmingly bright star-like light in our sky, as Earth and Mars come closer in space than any time since 2003. Meanwhile, on Mars, a 14-year-old rover is clinging to life under a dust storm and another has found organic molecules and methane gas. 

We have not discovered life on Mars, but with current evidence, bacterial life at some time in the history of the planet cannot be ruled out. New probes from NASA and the European Space Agency are designed to investigate further.

See beautiful panoramas, preview Mars in the sky, and catch up on the latest discoveries in the Strasenburgh Planetarium’s new summer show. Each performance concludes with a tour of the current night sky using the Planetarium’s mighty star projector.


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Image Details:

  • Featured image: Simulated views of Mars three months before and after its close approach to Earth on July 31, 2018. (Credit: RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium, JPL/NASA)
  • Image Gallery: Dust darkens the Martian horizon behind the Curiosity rover in a photo taken June 15, 2018 by a camera on the end of Curiosity's robot arm. (Credit: JPL/NASA)

Please Note

Monday through Friday performances before 1pm are frequently attended by summer camp groups. Adults and older children who prefer a quieter experience may wish to choose performances starting at 1pm or later.


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