Spectacular Shows

Journey across the universe via spectacular shows at the Strasenburgh Planetarium!

Online ticket sales for public shows end 24 hours before showtime. Same-day tickets are sold at the Planetarium box office and Museum reception desk. Please note: there is no late seating once a show has begun. If you leave during the show, there is no way to re-enter. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia

This documentary-style film transports you to the dinosaurs’ world with computer graphics a generation beyond Jurassic Park in accuracy and realism.


From the dazzling coral reefs of the Bahamas to the wind-swept seas of Patagonia, go under the water’s surface to meet dolphins of all kinds.

To Fly!

For all ages / Opens Feb. 18

From early balloon flights to 20th-century space missions, soar through the history of flight. 

The Sky Tonight

30 minutes/Ages 5 to adult

This concise tour of the stars, constellations, and planets in the current sky uses new, solid-state lasers to guide you through the magnificent starfield produced by the 46-year-old star projector.

Animals in the Sky

25 min / Ages 2 to 5

Can you find the animals in our sky? Join us for an imaginary trip into the stars to take a look.

Planet Spectacular

For ages 5–8

Let star projector "Carl" take you on a tour of planets and constellations.

Cassini at Saturn

For Older Children and Adults

Celebrate the beautiful thirteen-year mission of the American-European Cassini space probe, from its arrival in the Saturn system in 2004 to its daring final orbits inside the rings in 2017. 

Fact or Fiction in Space

For Older Children and Adults

Were the moon landings faked? Is there a face on Mars? Take a look at the events in modern astronomy that seem almost unbelievable.

Radiohead Laser

Saturdays in November at 8:15pm

50 minutes/No children under 5

Pink Floyd Laser

Saturdays in November at 9:30pm

50 minutes/No children under 5

Holiday Laser

November–January 2017

50 minutes / For all ages

90s Laser

Saturdays in December at 8:15pm

50 minutes/No children under 5

Led Zeppelin Laser

Saturdays in December at 9:30pm

No children under 5

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