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For Homeschooled Students

For Homeschooled Students

In its commitment to STEM education, the RMSC also offers opportunities for homeschooled students. Explore the two program tracks below  - general school offerings or home school classes - designed to give your homeschooled students hands-on, real-world science experiences at our Science Museum, Strasenburgh Planetarium or Cumming Nature Center. For questions, to make your reservation, or to register for a class, call RMSC Group Scheduling at 585.697.1942.

Track 1: Enroll as a group of homeschool families in any of our current school offerings

For complete details of our student program offerings, browse the For Educators center or download our School & Teacher Program Guide. Please, however, be aware that for the select programs listed below, a minimum number of students is required.

Program Location and TypeMinimum Number of Students

At the Museum and/or Strasenburgh Planetarium  

Guided Exhibit Explorations 8
Live Science Presentations  40*
Hands-On: Inquiry Room  15
Hands-On: Inventor Center 15
School Overnight 40

At the Cumming Nature Center

Guided 8

* A minimum charge for this # of students applies.

Track 2: Enroll individually in RMSC programs offered exclusively for Homeschoolers

These classes at the Planetarium and the Cumming Nature Center include staff-facilitated experiences designed exclusively for homeschool students using inquiry-based learning and critical-thinking.

Pre-registration is required and all programs require a minimum enrollment. If the minimum is not met two weeks prior to the scheduled start date, the program will be cancelled. There is no member discount for homeschool programs. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in.


Homeschool Courses at the Planetarium

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Homeschool Courses at the Cumming Nature Center: "Cumming Nature Center Forest School"

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