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Almost Overnights

Almost Overnights

Experience the RMSC after dark, like you’ve never experienced it before for an evening full of family fun. Almost Overnights bring all of the fun and excitement of regularly offered school and scout group Overnights, but end right before bedtime (and before the museum comes to life!) so your family can enjoy the comfort of sleeping in your own bed. Kids of all ages and their families are welcome to join us for our newest family-friendly adventure and spend almost the whole night exploring your curiosity with us.

Pajamas are welcome! 


Don't Be Afraid of the Dark! 

Friday, Nov. 9 | 6:30-10pm (Member early entrance at 5:30pm)

Grab your flashlights and start discovering the science of the nighttime world with the next Almost Overnight—Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!

Staying up late is all part of the fun as you and your family will explore to find the answers to many intriguing questions: Why is the nighttime dark? What happens when we sleep? How do animals adapt to life in the dark? Meet nocturnal creatures and try to recognize them by sound. The stars will align as you learn how to read the night sky, identify constellations and discover more about Earth's place in space. Become a nighttime explorer and experiment with the science and technology that help us light up the night—and not be afraid of the dark!

Registration includes participation in three workshops, including:

  • The Sky Tonight
    Just what is night anyway? Turn your eyes to the night sky as we explore orbiting objects and how the shadow of night uncovers the countless stars in space. Discover the phases of the moon and make a mini planetarium to take home and project your favorite constellations.
  • Light Up the Night
    Who turned out the lights? Learn how fireflies light up the night and explore the natural wonders of bioluminescence. Experiment with biomimicry and the science and technology that helps humans see in the dark. Mix up a batch of glow-in-the dark slime and complete a circuit to light up LEDs.  
  • Animals at Night
    Investigate the wild world of animals that come out at night. Discover the super senses of nocturnal creatures--turn sound into sight and play a game of bats & moth, dissect an owl’s dinner and explore the world through an owls super-sized eyes.


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