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Exhibit Experiences for Adults

Exhibit Experiences for Adults

Adult lifelong learners, are you interested in exploring featured RMSC exhibitions at a greater depth? Embark on an expert-led experience!


Featured Experience:

Science On a Sphere

Audiences participating in the following programs will be engaged with Science on a Sphere, a three dimensional data visualization tool. (2pm / Duration: 50 min)

July 10: Physics and Findings of Apollo Moon Voyages
Take a closer look at the launch, voyage and landing on a mission to the moon. Explore the landing sites and discoveries of the Apollo missions.

July 24: Mantle Convection and Natural Disasters
Heat flow within the Earth’s mantle causes movement of the Earth’s crust which creates geological features and natural disasters. Examine patterns of volcanoes, hotspots and earthquakes. 

August 7: Deep Sea Vents:  Life at the Extreme
Smoke, fire and darkness encompass a hydrothermal vent. Take a dive into the deep ocean to learn about life that exists in this extreme environment.

August 21: Tracking a Tropical Cyclone
Discover how tropical cyclone observations were made through history.  Observe patterns of this storm through satellite imagery.


Register for an Experience

Advanced registration is required and includes full museum access. Please note that space is limited and that tours are not geared for children.

Dates and Times

July 10, 24; August 7, 21  at 2pm


50 min


Members: $3

General Public: Regular admission + $3

Group Rate: $10 per person (Group of more than six visitors)

To register, call Member and Visitor Services at 585.697.1942. Please register by 4:30pm the day before the tour.


Past Featured Experiences

The Haudenosaunee: A Local Culture, Past & Present

May 1, 8 and 22; June 5

Discover the local connections and rich culture—past and present—of the Haudenosaunee (hoe-dee-no-SHOW-nee) people, more commonly known as the Iroquois Confederacy. Follow their story and discover the culture’s relationship with nature, the importance of clan structure, oral histories, The Great Law of Peace, and more as you compare and contrast the culture before and after contact with Europeans. Discuss how the Haudenosaunee maintain their cultural identity across our community today. This guided tour through one of the RMSC’s most beloved exhibits, connects their story with unique objects from our vast collections.


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