Animal Week at RMSC

Explore Amazing Adaptations

Saturday, Feb. 18–Sunday, Feb. 26: 11am-3pm

Third annual Animal Week at the RMSC back by popular demand! Explore the amazing adaptations in the animal kingdom. From insects to mammals and beyond, join us to discover how some of the creatures that share our earth survive. Get hands-on while learning about camouflage, hibernation and flight. Come back each day to meet different live animals from the Wildlife Defenders, WOWEE—World of Wildlife Educational Encounters—Seneca Park Zoo and more.


Experience live animal shows and hands-on activities

  • Wildlife Defenders present live animal shows at 12:30 and 2:30pm on weekends and at 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30pm on weekdays
  • Make a bear mask and claws while learning about hibernation

  • Create your own species of animal

  • Play a scat matching game

  • And more!


Meet animals of all kinds, including:

These are only highlights of the many animals on all three floors of the museum. Please note that schedules are subject to change.

Saturday, Feb. 18 Wednesday, Feb. 22
Toad Frog
Tegu Monkey
Tenrec Wallaby
Wallaby Legless Lizard
Dingo Snapping Turtle    
  Thursday, Feb. 23
Sunday, Feb. 19 Silver Fox
Tenrec Monkey
Snapping Turtle Tegu
Legless Lizard Toad
Silver Fox Wallaby
Green Monkey  
Cavy Friday, Feb. 24
Monday, Feb, 20 Coyote
Alligator Dingo
Grey Kangaroo Alligator
Cavy Macaw
Macaw Saturday, Feb. 25
Monkey Frog
Tuesday, Feb. 21 Green Monkey
Toad Wallaby
Tenrec Grey Kangaroo
Legless Lizard Sunday, Feb. 26
Wallaby Tenrec
Alpaca Green Monkey
Goat Legless Lizard
Sheep Tegu
Pig Silver Fox

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