Science on the Edge Lectures

Science on the Edge Lectures

The RMSC Richard C. Shultz Science on the Edge lectures have provided insight and understanding about current research in a broad array of topics for a general audience for more than 30 years.

Science on the Edge sparks intelligent conversations throughout the community. Designed to engage those interested in broadening their scientific understanding, lectures promote the continuation of education and sharing of ideas.

This year, the lectures change from being a short series where speakers come from across the nation to present in the stadium-style Eisenhart Auditorium to several local experts delivering their cutting-edge science discoveries in an informal atmosphere in the Science Museum building. The new, easy access to the Museum’s exhibits creates a dynamic and immersive experience. The lectures take place during the spring and fall.

Enjoy a lecture, Museum exploration, and meeting with the speakers in a unique after-hours experience. Seating is limited, pre-registration is highly encouraged. Call 585.697.1942 to register.

Museum open at 5:30pm; Lecture begins at 7pm.

Ticket Prices:


RMSC Member: $8

General Public: $10


RMSC Member: $5

General Public: $6

RMSC Employees, Docents/Volunteers, Rochester Engineering Society: $2

*Students through grade 12 or college students with valid college ID.

Fall 2016 Series


sote2The Science of Fashion

Thursday, Oct. 6: 7pm

Jeffrey Mayer, associate professor of Fashion, Fashion History and Textiles at Syracuse University, will discuss the major changes to the fashion industry due to the advent of "test tube fashion." From the development of synthetic dyes to synthetic fibers to 3D-printed garments and fabrics which are 'grown' in a laboratory, science has helped to shape and advance fashion. This lecture will cover the key scientific discoveries in textiles and fashion from the mid-19th century to the contemporary runway.


sote1Gravitational Waves: Opening a new window on the universe

Wednesday, Nov. 2: 7pm

Richard O'Shaughnessy, assistant professor of mathematics and a program faculty in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology, will discuss gravitational waves, which come from blackholes and other objects. Last September, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detected gravitational waves formed from two blackholes that came together about one billion years ago. Gravitational waves create ripples in the universe's fabric, and these ripples give us incredible insight into phenomena in astrophysics. O'Shaughnessy will also talk about Einstein's legacy and how it will give us a new perspective into the universe.


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