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Permanent Exhibition

Students explore the forces that have shaped Rochester in this exhibit that engages the mind and body. Students will be able to: pilot a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) underwater, see stratigraphy as they climb across the Genesee River Gorge climbing wall, take a simulated voyage in Lake Ontario, feel ...

Animal Adaptations

Guided Museum Experiences

Beavers, bears and birds, oh my! Structure follows function as students explore the adaptations that abound in the animal kingdom! Learn what adaptations are, the difference between physical and behavioral adaptations and how they help all kinds of animals survive, and thrive, in the ecosystems they call home. All ...

At the Western Door

Permanent Exhibition

Explore 400 years of cooperation and conflict between the Seneca and Europeans in Western New York. Experience the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people and culture.

Celestial Sphere

Planetarium Programs

Rotation and revolution, day and night, seasons and moon cycles, demonstrated in age-appropriate fashion. This live lecture-demonstration in the Strasenburgh Planetarium Star Theater aims to help students prepare for the Regents Earth Science exam. The hemispherical dome of the Theater serves as an accurate model of the celestial sphere. ...

Challenger Learning Center

Special Program

The Challenger Learning Center of Greater Rochester is a high-tech, hands-on facility for space flight simulations located at Strasenburgh Planetarium. Coordinated by "Mission Commanders" from Monroe #1 BOCES, this unique experience is educational and fun.

Learn more about the experience on the Challenger Learning Center of Greater Rochester&...

CNC Water Monitors

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

This field study examines the features of clean water.  Students will collect usable data on a CNC creek by collecting benthic macroinverebrates, performing chemical tests, measuring physical characteristics of one of the healthiest creeks in the region.

Cycles in the Sky

Planetarium Programs

Rotation and revolution, day and night, seasons, and moon phases demonstrated in age-appropriate fashion. Review the concept of cycles and generalize it to the cycles of the day, year and lunar month, all caused by rotation and revolution. Compare and contrast the sun's paths in the skies of summer, ...

Discover Our Weather

Permanent Exhibition

Where do clouds come from? What is a "low pressure" system, and why does it sometimes mean a rainy day? What causes lightning? Experiment with the forces behind our changeable weather. Create a forecast to present on camera in the Weather Studio.

Discovering Weather

Guided Museum Experiences

Investigate the connections between weather and water processes on earth. Become a water molecule and travel through the water cycle and make a water-cycle bracelet to take home. Learn about severe weather around the world.

Ecological Communities

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

Compare field, forest and pond communities to gain insight into habitat, succession, food webs, and population dynamics

Electricity & Magnetism

Guided Museum Experiences

Discover the principles of electricity and magnetism to explore how those principles are at work in machines we use every day!  Specific emphasis is put on the invisible force field we call magnetism and its relationship with electricity and how they work together to make things work through ...

Elements of the Extreme

Limited Time Exhibition

Journey through the most powerful forces on the planet as students discover how incredible adaptations to the unique properties of earth, fire, air and water enable life on our planet to survive and thrive.

Energy Trail

Permanent Exhibition

Discover experiences spread throughout the museum where energy sources, forms and transformations, are presented in fully interactive settings that engage the whole body so that students can truly feel the energy required to power their world and understand the choices they can make to impact the future.

Erie Canal Lock

Permanent Exhibition

Operate gates and valves to raise or lower the water level as you pilot a model tugboat through a series of locks as students learn the engineering and history behind how the Erie Canal helped fuel the economic growth of the nation.

Erie Canal Simple Machine Challenge

Guided Museum Experiences

Simple Machines to the rescue! It's time to clear the path to make way for the Erie Canal, but we need your team to build a “stump puller.” Combine levers, pulleys, gears and more to create an engineering marvel capable of extracting stumps out of the ground. *Challenge is ...

Expedition Earth

Permanent Exhibition

Travel back into deep time! Discover how earthquakes and volcanoes have helped change the land and seas, resulting in adaptation or extinction. Move forward to a mere 10,000 years ago when an immense ice sheet covered Rochester, and learn how a paleontologist uses fossil evidence to reconstruct the giants of ...

Face of Earth

Planetarium Programs

Students see carefully selected full-resolution photographs of Earth's hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere, plus signs of climate change, life processes and human impact. The images are arranged in a montage with music, giving the feeling of flying in space over our planet.

Face To Face

Permanent Exhibition

Explore the ways in which individuals and societies express themselves to the world around them through clothing, pottery, and other distinctive totemic emblems.

Falling Leaves

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

Fall Season Only. Explore why trees lose their leaves in the autumn and how animals prepare for winter.

Field Journal Journey

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

Explore the complexity and biodiversity of the natural world through observation and data collection using field journals.

Flight to Freedom

Permanent Exhibition

Immerse yourselves in re-created environments, first-person accounts, and hands-on experiences of the period leading up to the Civil War. Discover how Rochesterians fought against slavery using primary documents.

Focus on Native Frogs **

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

This is a fun and dirty adventure that explores the amazing adaptations, lifecycle, and habit of the native frogs in our region.

Freshwater Around the World

Guided Museum Experiences

Immerse your students into an engaging experience utilizing 3-D data visualization.  Observe the hydrologic cyle in action on our 5 ft. interactive globe.  Students will make water resource management decisions by analyzing scientific data on freshwater sources including the atmosphere,  surface, and underground.

Frog Adaptations

Guided Museum Experiences

Discover the ingenious adaptations of live frogs and why they’re important. Explore physical and behavioral adaptations that make it possible for frogs to live in tropical forests, frozen tundras and scorching deserts. Get a first-hand look at live frogs while learning about the environment and making “frog skin ...

Geology ROCKS!

Featured Field Trip Adventure

Get two experiences for one with this new field trip! 

Discover the science of tectonic plates with current data on our Science On a Sphere then embark on guided tour Stories in Stone with an engaging RMSC docent. Students ...

Gravity and Energy in the Universe

Planetarium Programs

A sequence of carefully selected video clips, animations and still images from space flights show the behaviors of objects and people with and without weight. Computer graphics show how the Sun's gravity controls motions in our solar system. Hubble Space Telescope imagery takes us among the stars, bound by ...

Green Infrastructure Showcase

Permanent Exhibition

Green infrastructure is a cost-effective, sustainable approach to reducing stormwater runoff pollution while delivering environmental, social, and economic benefits. Explore the science and positive impacts of Green Infrastructure practices being used by the RMSC, including:

  • Rain gardens and/or bioretention areas
  • ...

Haudenosaunee School Days

Special Program

Immerse your students in the vibrant art and culture of today's Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). Celebrate Haudenosaunee culture—past and present.

Meet local Haudenosaunee artisans who:

  • do quill work
  • make jewelry
  • do basket weaving
  • make corn husk dolls.

Holiday Laser

Planetarium Programs

A special holiday treat bringing you a wide variety of music via the Star Theater's fine sound system, choreographed with colorful and dramatic laser light. The music selections come from the festive, public side of the holiday season. Length about 50 minutes. Especially appropriate for younger children.

How Things Work

Permanent Exhibition

Explore the mechanisms behind everyday objects and machines. Concepts include simple and complex machines, sound, electricity and magnetism.

Illumination: The World of Light & Optics

Permanent Exhibition

Engage with more than 15 interactive exhibits that demonstrate exciting scientific concepts from reflection and refraction to radio waves to color temperature. Crank, spin, and illuminate to make light bend, sound emanate, and shadows dance.

Inquiry Room Exploration

Guided Museum Experiences

Explore science in a less structured setting as you learn and play in the unique Carlson Inquiry Room. Meet our live animals and investigate magnetism. Learn about states of matter as you experiment with vinegar and baking soda and make your own slime to take home.

Insect Investigations

Guided Museum Experiences

Explore the wonder of butterfly metamorphosis. Learn how insects communicate and meet the live critters that make their home in the RMSC Carlson Inquiry Room.

Introduction to Natural Communities

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

Explore the woods to discover how all living things are connected through food chains and the relationships between consumers, producers and decomposers.


Permanent Exhibition

Exercise student's mathematical and creative-thinking muscles as they engineer structures of their own design using thousands of these amazingly balanced wooden KEVA planks.

Lift It, Launch It, Let it Go: Seige Machine

Guided Museum Experiences

Experiment with different projectiles, arm lengths and other variables to build and launch with a seige machine. Catapults and Trebuchets will breach a castle.  Don't let the force of gravity keep you down each team invention will test potential and kinetic energy. *Challenge is differentiated by Grade Levels

Light the City: Energy Wind Turbine

Guided Museum Experiences

The City has lost power! We need team help to invent a wind turbine and light up the city.  Measuring the volts, connecting the wires, and forces of motion to cause energy transformation. *Challenge is differentiated by Grade Levels

Live Science: Electricity Theater

Guided Museum Experiences

Two six foot tall Tesla Coils throwing 8 foot arcs of plasma (lightning) and the arcs actually play music. Our Faraday Cage can make the day of many in attendance electrifying!

Live Science: Hydrogen Show

Guided Museum Experiences

An exciting  range of demonstrations displays many of the properties of Hydrogen, the number one most common element in the universe.

Live Science: Liquid Nitrogen- Solids, Liquids & Gases

Guided Museum Experiences

Our coolest demonstrations, literally! This program explores temperature's effect on solids, liquids and gasses using liquid nitrogen .

Live Science: Pressure

Guided Museum Experiences

The formula  "Force over Area" is brought to life with this program about the pressure all around us and what happens when it's not.

Magnet Exploration

Guided Museum Experiences

Learn about magnetic fields and experiment with materials that are magnetic. Explore attraction and repulsion. Make magnets float.

Maple Sugaring

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

From the Haudenosaunee to the American pioneers, and on to modern day methods, the time-honored tradition of making maple syrup blends both history and ecology.

Every spring for the last 39 years, the RMSC's Cumming Nature Center in Naples, NY, explores this timeless craft. ...


Permanent Exhibition

Imagine and discover a world you can't see! Hands-on components present the basics of nanoscience and engineering, introduce some real-world applications, and explore the societal and ethical implications of this new technology.

Native American Environments & Culture

Guided Museum Experiences

Take a closer look at the Algonquin, Apache, Haida, Pueblo, Inuit, Haudenosaunee and Plains cultures. Compare & contrast the past material culture of these various groups of Native Americans living across North America. How are the religious, social, political, economic, technological and artistic aspects of these communities affected by ...

Native Peoples of the Americas

Permanent Exhibition

Explore the past culture of the Algonquin, Apache, Haida, Pueblo, Inuit, Haudenosaunee ("Iroquois") and Plains Indians.

Old Rochesterville

Permanent Exhibition

Immerse yourselves in 19th century Rochester - its shops and homes and how families lived in their community differently then from now.

Our Changing Seasons

Planetarium Programs

Travel through the beautiful cycle of seasons in western New York, reviewing the months of the year (ordering and sequencing). Use both sight and hearing to observe changes in weather and environment. Compare and contrast how plants, animals and people respond (identifying variables). Measure the height of the midday ...

Overnights at the RMSC

Special Program

Give your class an unforgettable experience with a Night at the Museum! Overnights are available Wednesdays and Thursdays, January 4 -June 15, 2017  for grades 3rd - 7th  with a minimum of 40 students. Includes:  Live Science performance or Electricity Theater show,  2 Hands-On Classroom Experiences , after hour museum exploration, ...

Plates in Motion

Guided Museum Experiences

Immerse your students into an engaging experience utilizing 3-D data visualization.  Examine earthquakes, volcanoes and  seafloor structures to evaluate the theory of past plate motions.

Predicting Weather

Guided Museum Experiences

Immerse your students into an engaging experience utilizing 3-D data visualization.  Discover the complex interactions and movement of air masses on our 5 ft. interactive globe. Students will collect real-time data on temperature, clouds, pressure, precipitation, and wind to make a weather prediction.


Permanent Exhibition

Experiments with Newton's laws of motion have never been so fun! Send balls looping, spinning and racing over ramps.


Traveling Experiences at Your School

This fun and interactive program will help your students to understand bats, and the important part they play in our ecosystem. With role-playing, hands-on objects, and demonstrations your class will show how a bat finds it’s way around, what different bats eat, and help to dispel some of ...


Traveling Experiences at Your School

This very interactive program expands the students’ imagination as they learn about and “create” a fossil. Students become “paleontologists” in a mock “dig”, and then role play as dinosaurs to explore how they move, eat, and defend themselves.

RMSC DELIVERS: Electricity

Traveling Experiences at Your School

Some say this demonstration is shocking, but we say simply, “Students are sure to get a charge out of it.” Your class will be electrified with hands-on experiments and demonstrations that help to explain atoms, and the role they play in electric currents.


Traveling Experiences at Your School

Driving a car, riding a bike, heating your house, and even sitting still, we use energy. Light, electricity, heat, even sound are all energies. The question is: “What is energy?” Demonstrators guide students in exploring these different forms of energy, how they connect, and how they are used.


Traveling Experiences at Your School

This fun, interactive program will get your class buzzing about insects. Students will take on the role of dragonflies, bees, crickets, and other insects, as they learn about insect anatomy, eating habits, and how they communicate.

RMSC DELIVERS: Light & Color

Traveling Experiences at Your School

Explore how and why we see colors in this fun, interactive show. Experiment with color mixing and learn about the different kinds of primary colors .


Traveling Experiences at Your School

Explore the amazing world of Polymer Chemistry in this hands-on program. . Your students will perform experiments to make different kinds of polymers like slime, Styrofoam, and extract DNA from a banana.

RMSC DELIVERS: Pressure & Force

Traveling Experiences at Your School

With this outreach students will be introduced to  Pressure = Force /Area. Through demonstrations students will observe how pressure or the lack there of effects everything around us. From vacuums to a bed of nails participants will find out why a little pressure isn't a bad thing.

RMSC DELIVERS: Rocks and Minerals

Traveling Experiences at Your School

This outreach gives the student a hands on understanding of geology. Igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are explored Through experimentation along with the observation of color, streak, luster, and the use of the Mohs hardness scale students are able to identify a variety of minerals

RMSC DELIVERS: Solids, Liquids and Gases

Traveling Experiences at Your School

This is our coolest outreach yet. Really, it is! Your class will thrill at the use of Liquid Nitrogen (-196° C), as they learn how temperature effects energy and changes matter from solid to liquid to gas. Watch your students’ amazement turn to understanding as they begin to explore ...

RMSC DELIVERS: What is an Experiment?

Traveling Experiences at Your School

This outreach is a wonderful introduction to the scientific process for the younger students, and a great exercise to get the older students thinking out of the box. Through a mix of hands-on experiments and interactive demonstrations, this chemistry program entices students to ask questions, make observations, develop theories, ...

Rochester Business Hall of Fame

Permanent Exhibition

Discover stories of exemplary Rochester leaders who have made outstanding, enduring contributions to business and community in the Greater Rochester region.

Rochester's Geology

Guided Museum Experiences

Explore the Earth systems that shaped our local geology! From earthquakes to volcanoes, erosion, weathering, deposition and tectonic plate movements, get up close and hands-on with the how the ground beneath our feet has changed over time. Observe rocks, minerals and fossils. Gain a deep understanding of the rock ...

Rochester's Underground Railroad: Immersion Experience

Guided Museum Experiences

Follow the North Star on a journey from slavery, to the doors of abolitionists, and on to freedom during this Underground Railroad Immersion Experience in our Flight to Freedom exhibition. This tour focuses on the decisions and risks taken along the way. The experience highlights famous abolitionists who called ...

Rocks Fossils and More

Guided Museum Experiences

Explore fossils from the RMSC teaching collection. Sort rocks into three groups and learn about the minerals that make up rocks.

Seasons, Phases and Eclipses

Planetarium Programs

Rotation and revolution, day and night, seasons, and moon phases demonstrated in age-appropriate fashion. At a level appropriate for upper elementary and middle school-age students, this program demonstrates the changing appearances of the sun, moon and stars, with extra information on eclipses. Additional computer graphics briefly show how the ...

Self Guided Nature Walk

Self-Guided Cumming Nature Center

Self-Guided Nature Walks include: The Beaver Trail introduces you to the important cycles of nature. You will see forest, stream, marsh, and meadow habitats rich with plant and animal life on your way to an observation tower overlooking a 35-acre beaver pond. See first-hand one of the most stunning ...

Sensing Nature

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

Discover the beauty and complexity of the natural world through activities that engage all the senses.

Simple Machines & Fantastic Forces

Guided Museum Experiences

Explore simple machines while experimenting with pulley systems and ramps. Learn about friction, gravity and inertia while investigating the forces of motion.

Solar System Science

Planetarium Programs

Surrounded by the best images from recent space missions such as the New Horizons Pluto flyby projected at giant scale, students encounter the majesty, mystery and wonder of our solar system. In keeping with today's scientific perspective, moons, asteroids and comets are given the same level of importance as ...

Solids, Liquids, Gases

Guided Museum Experiences

Explore the states of matter by comparing and contrasting solids, liquids and gases. Do hands-on experiments about liquid density and chemical reaction. Learn about polymers and make slime to take home.

Stars, planets and light

Homeschool Program

Stories in Stone

Guided Museum Experiences

Get hands on with rocks, minerals and fossils. Explore erosion, weathering, deposition and plate tectonics and uncover how these and other processes have shaped our region. Gain a deep understanding of the rock cycle by learning about the "stories" behind how rocks were formed.

Sun, Moon and Stars

Planetarium Programs

Observe the sun's daily path across the sky and predict sunset. Look at simple sketches of key constellations, then find and point to them in the sky (inferring). Classify bright and faint stars; note shapes of prominent constellations; count their brightest stars. Discover how planets change positions from year ...

The Haudenosaunee

Guided Museum Experiences

Discover the rich culture-past and present- of the Haudenosaunee (hoe-dee-no-SHOW-nee) people, more commonly known as the Iroquois Confederacy. Follow their story and discover the culture’s relationship with nature, the importance of clan structure, oral histories, The Great Law of Peace, and more as you compare and contrast the ...

The Haudenosaunee with Trade Game

Guided Museum Experiences

Add our “Trade Game” experience to your Haudenosaunee Tour (at no extra cost) for an additional half-hour of hands-on learning. Students will actively explore the impact of the beaver fur trade and the challenges it presented to both the Haudenosaunee and European communities.

Under Construction: Building Careers

Permanent Exhibition

This exhibit showcases the green technology used in the Sustainability Institute Hall (home of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability) building at RIT– from start to finish. It also highlights the careers necessary to complete the project from start to finish.

Winter Ecology

Guided Program Cumming Nature Center

January through February, examine how plants and animals adapt to winter. Hunt for tracks and other evidence of animal activity.

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