April Break Curiosity Camps

April Break Curiosity Camps

Summer Sneak Peek

Camp Registration Closed

Join us during this spring break for your first look at what’s in store for the Summer 2017.  Each day will feature either a new camp topic or a favorite topic from years past that is returning to our line-up for 2017.  Power up with an electrifying new camp, explore the art of spycraft, dig down to discover the rocks and fossils beneath our feet, cause a commotion concocting potions, and walk the wild side of science!

All Camp Programs include instructor led hands-on activities and experiments in classrooms and exploration time in the museum’s galleries.


Camp Week Options

Choose to spend the week or just a day or two with us! RMSC Members save $10 on the weeklong camp. Not a member? Become a member today and save on camps and other RMSC programs throughout the year.

April camp registration is now CLOSED—we look forward to spending next week with you all! Looking for other camp fun? Register for Summer Curiosity Camps


Summer Sneak Peek - Full Week

Register for all five days of April Break Week fun and get the first looks at new camps coming out this summer. As an added bonus, the same Instructor and Youth Assistant will work with your camper for the entire week.  

RMSC Members save $10 on the weeklong camp. Not a member? Become a member today and save on camps and other RMSC programs throughout the year.

Cost: $260 (Members: $250)

Monday, April 17: Potion Commotion

Cause a commotion and stir up a potion!  Explore the wonders and fun of chemistry. Learn about polymers by making slime and the states of matter by making oobleck.  Concoct a crazy potion, discover viscosity, and make messy mixtures pop, fix, and bang.  

Cost: $55

Tuesday, April 18: Stones & Bones

Get ready to rock with geology and paleontology!  Discover the rich geological deposits in our area, learn all about dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts, and see what makes our earth so special.  Tour the RMSC’s extensive rock and fossil collection and make your own fossil to take home.          

Cost: $55

Wednesday, April 19: Don't try this at home...

Discover the wild side of science under the watchful eye of our science professionals.  Attempt crazy experiments, fasten your seatbelt for startling demonstrations, and see what it takes to make something go pop, bang and boom. But remember, what happens at Curiosity Camp, stays at Curiosity Camp!  

Cost: $55

Thursday, April 20: Power Up!

It’s electric!  Have a hair-raising good time experimenting with the basics of electricity.  Build a simple circuit, light up the room with fruit, explore static electricity, and see how light bulbs are illuminated.  Enjoy a special presentation in Electricity Theater and more during this electric day of fun.   

Cost: $55

Friday, April 21: Spycraft

Being a spy isn’t all glamorous parties and death-defying stunts like in the movies.  Most of it relies on highly sophisticated set of skills known as spycraft.  Assume a false identity, learn how to code your messages, and visit Q branch to make your own spy gadget.  But most importantly, don’t get caught!     

Cost: $55


Extended Care Options

Extended care options are available Monday through Friday. This is a period of unstructured, yet supervised, exploration time in one of the museum’s exhibit galleries monitored by our Youth Program staff.  Extended Care is provided for an additional charge of $5 per child, per extended care session.

Before Care Session: 8–9am

After Care Session: 4–5pm

Cost: $5 per session each day


Camp FAQs

Is registration necessary?

Yes, campers must register online or by phone at 585.697.1942 before the start of camp.

Where should I drop off my camper each day?

Please bring your camper to the Museum lobby each morning for check-in.

Will there be food provided?

Snack will be provided by the RMSC. In the case of severe food allergies, it is highly recommended that a camper brings his or her own snack. Lunch is NOT included. Campers must bring their own lunch. Please note that refrigeration is not available.


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